Our training comes from a personal library developed over time, or can be made to order including content, focus and time to present. Just tell us what you want to achieve from the training and we will make the adjustments.
Our training is unique in that it is specific, direct to the key points and includes generic industry pictures. And most important - easy to understand and remember. 

A wide range of training programs are available. 

  • Can be delivered on site or by Webinar. 
  • A quiz or test can be done for company files.
  • Attendance is taken.

Topics Include:

  • Chemistry of cleaning
  • Chemical safety
  • The Sanitation process
  • Sanitizers - which one is best for you!
  • Passivation and dis-similar metals
  • Cross contamination control for maintenance
  • Food Safety Programs: 

  • How to get along with CFIA
  • Validation and verification
  • Quality Control compared to Quality Assurance
  • Bacterial harbourage, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Bacterial Bio-Films – what they are, how to find them, how to eliminate them
  • GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Food Safety Culture; are you ready? –  the process to successful implementation
  • Allergen management and monitoring
  • High Pressure Processing – what it is, its capabilities and limitations
  • Listeria – what is it, and how do we control it in our plants?
  • Shelf Life validation
  • Cold Spot determination
  • Metal Detector training – understanding how to get the most out of your MD
  • Deep Cleaning of food contact equipment – pathogen control
  • Controlling Rework – a major threat to any operation
  • Hygienic Design – pictorial journey
  • Recall Program - what you should have in yours
  • Cross Contamination Control
  • Customer Complaint Program
  • Do we really need Bacterial Growth Inhibitors in our Food?


Food safety solutions inc. 
Food safety solutions inc. 
  • GMPs
  • Environmental Sanitation
  • Operational Sanitation
  • Is your equipment hiding bacteria populations?
  • Finding and eliminating equipment harbourage


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