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Is your sanitation crew operating efficiently and effectively?

Are you effectively monitoring after sanitation is done, during equipment set-up and start-up? 

  • Monitoring of handling procedures and product quality throughout production. 
  • Monitoring food safety programs like GMP’s, product handling, suppliers.

Is your plant properly clean to a microbial standard after sanitation? Or just visually clean?

Are you using the proper cleaning chemicals in the right concentrations to get the best cleaning result for the lowest cost in chemical, hot water, and labour?

Are you concerned that sanitation is damaging your equipment? 

Is the sanitation crew prevented from cleaning some equipment because of potential water/chemical damage concerns?

Are you using the proper/best sanitizer for the specific microbial risk that can most affect your type of product?

Are chemicals and sanitizers being applied in the proper way to be most effective?

Are you cleaning efficiently; do you have the time and tools available to clean the plant properly? 

Are you making full use of operational sanitation (cleaning and sanitizing throughout the production day)?

Is your contract cleaner doing the best job possible, or cutting corners? 

Set-Up & Pre-Op

After sanitation is complete are your pre-production set-up procedures and activities reducing the plant's hygiene levels before production starts?

Is maintenance cross-contaminating as they get equipment ready for production start-up.?

Where are your area supplier employees going as they gather the tools, materials and product to set up the lines for production start? Are they cross-contaminating back into packaging or RTE areas?



Food safety solutions inc.