Are you getting CFIA – CAR’s that don’t make sense to you?

Are you having difficulty closing CFIA CAR’s?

Are you interpreting the Manual of Procedures the same way your inspector is?

Do you know what powers the inspectors have in your facility and what their activity obligations are when in your facility?

What are the main things that CFIA is looking for when in your plant?

Are you familiar with how to prepare for and work with CFIA in a Group-4 audit?

Do you know your obligations to CFIA when you receive illness complaints, and unfavorable micro results?

When are you obligated to advise CFIA of an internal or product issue? What will they do when advised?

Do you really understand your obligations when dealing with Condensation?

Do you understand what to do when trying to deal with CFIA during an issue, locally, regionally and in Ottawa?

What is your relationship with CFIA like? Are you working together or against each other? 

  • Do you know all your inspectors, your area supervisor, manager, Regional Director?
  • We can help you change your relationship with CFIA to working together.

Do you know your CFIA area Risk Assessment Team? 

  • We can help you understand what and how they work and how best to work with them before an investigation starts. 
  • Under what circumstances do you notify them? 
  • What questions should you ask before they come in to investigate?

Validation and Verification – this will be a focus of CFIA inspection staff as they back out of hands on inspection and shift the responsibility for compliance to the plants. You need to know what V&V means and how to do them to keep out of the scrutiny spotlight.

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