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​​​​Do you currently have a Quality Control department and want to move it up to a Quality Assurance department? Understand the differences and what you need to make the change for your operation.

Is your QA department effective in identifying food safety and quality issues before they affect the finished product, or worse, leave the plant where you don’t have control? Are they empowered to, and capable of containing issues?

What can be done to make your QA department more effective and help make Food Safety the top priority?

How to get QA and Operations to work TOGETHER to run production and fill orders with safe top quality product, a true Win-Win. Get away from the QA-Police plant mentality.

How to get your QA team to work effectively together as a unit in one plant and across several plants.

How to best present QA collected data and trend analysis information to operations and senior management.

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Food safety solutions inc.