Food safety solutions inc. 
Food safety solutions inc. 



  • Have you ever found Listeria, E.coli, or Salmonella in your plant or on your Products?
  • Do you know your Food Safety risk?
  • Are you having trouble achieving the declared Shelf-Life on any of your Products?
  • Do you need to develop a HACCP Plan from scratch?
  • Do you want to move from a Provincial operation to Federal?
  • Do you want to approve or audit a Supplier?
  • Are you getting the best cleaning from your Sanitation program, cleaners or chemicals?
  • Do you have a resident Listeria population in your plant?
  • Are you having issues with CFIA, closing CARs, understanding Validation and Verification, condensation?


with over 30 years experience in the processed food industry, we will help you produce cost effective, safe, best quality products.​

Working with us will help you get control of a current food safety or quality issue, deal effectively with government regulators, and get you back to normal production quickly.

Pro-actively we can evaluate your facility and your current programs to determine where the risks to your products are.

That’s only 50% of the task! Knowing what is missing and needs to be corrected is one thing, Implementing improvements is the other 50% and the most difficult task. We work very well with the plant to implement the improvements in a way that employees easily understand and buy-in to. This ensures that the improvements are permanent and effective.

We can periodically come back and verify the improvements are still in effect and continue to provide the expected result. If not we re-train and adjust the programs as needed until your goals are reached. Then we set higher goals and keep going. 

Give us a call to discuss how our services will help you determine if there is a need and fit that will improve your overall plant hygiene and product safety and quality. So make the call, at the very least you will verify what you already know or suspect is needed at your facility.

Peter Stein

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