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This Is What We Do!

Helping Solve Current Problems

Do you have a current internal Food Safety concern or issue that needs a quick resolution with customers or CFIA?

  • We can quickly help you identify the contamination source, and format a plan to correct the situation and then develop a program to maintain control moving forward.
  • We can also be present with CFIA and customers to back you up and help explain how we are getting control back and then maintaining control by Validation & Verification monitoring and corrective action.

Are you getting pathogen positive or presumptive positive environmental swab results?
Are you getting high pre-op swab counts?

  • We can come in quickly and work with all departments to find the source and get control then develop a plan to maintain control including training.
  • We can also come in periodically to see if you are following the plan and if not quite, help you get back on track.

Are you having Shelf-Life issues?

  • Products not reaching their declared shelf-life without spoiling?
  • Excessive returns?
  • Your current actual product shelf life is not meeting the minimum required shelf-life days required by your customers and retailers. Preventing you from shipping outside of your province or Canada or serving nationally distributed Customers?

Are you micro testing the air, overheads, cooling units, employee hands, maintenance employees and their tools, floor jack handles, pull cords, etc? – if not, we can help you implement a risk based monitoring program.

An ongoing recall or illness complaint, a positive or presumptive positive Listeria result on your product or food contact surfaces?

  • Once controlled we can help you ensure continuous control moving forward.

Do you have an implemented “Food Safety” Program? We can help you get started, and ensure its effectiveness.
Do you want to get microbial control back within your plant quickly and then continue on an ongoing basis?

You don’t currently have product issues - Do you want to be Pro-Active and evaluate your plant Hygiene risk levels now, looking for hot spots and niches that could lead to Food Safety or Shelf Life Issues moving forward? This is the best scenario; being Pro-Active, and it’s also the most cost effective short and long term.

Do you have a solid effective micro swabbing program that alerts you to potential issues pro-actively?

Do you have a best practice “Top-Down Food Safety Culture”? Is this something you want to have?

  • Food Safety Culture – Is this something you want to implement? ​ We can advise you on what you need to have before you start, and then how to implement across the organization.  

Food Safety

Food safety solutions inc.